EXCLUSIVE: Pictures of Poop Dick’s famous new tattoo that reads, “Poop Dick”.

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The SFW or Safe for Work image of Poop Dick's tattoo

We bring you the pictures other media outlets won't, usually for legal reasons.

Late last week, the mainstream media was abuzz with the story of Poop Dick, a boy who was bullied, threatened, and misled into getting the tattoo that he was nicknamed after.

He was told he’d get a Celtic knot with his girlfriend’s name on it, after the Poop Dick tattoo had been completed. He was told the bullies would stop picking on him if he got the tattoo. He was told that the bullies would tell no one. All of these things he was told were lies, as the tattoo artist said he would not do a Celtic knot, there were more people than he could remember in the basement where the tattoo took place, and by the time he got to school, everyone was trading around cell phone pictures and calling him Poop Dick.

His bullies, Blake VanNest 18, the ringleader, Ryan Fisk 19, the tattoo artist who was called in, Donald Wyman, who at 20 years old and still a senior at Concord High School earned him the nickname “Dry Dick”, and Travis Johnston 18, were arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including Assault, Sale of a Controlled Substance (for the bag of marijuana Poop Dick was given for being a good sport), Criminal Threatening, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Breach of Bail Conditions, and Tattooing Without a License.

An image of the poop dick tattoo showing the tattoo gunSomeone in our mail-room’s daughter took a dance class with Poop Dick’s girlfriend, and we were able to get the cell phone pictures* that were taken at the time of the tattooing. Many media outlets are showing mugshots of the bullies, but we’re bringing you these cell phone pictures exclusively.

The pictures may be not safe for work, as they contain the famous words, “Poop Dick” and a drawing of a penis on a ass cheek.

The Poop Dick tattoo the media covered late last week* Note that Chezzo.com cannot verify the authenticity of these pictures, as they very well may be a parody, and may actually be a 28 year old’s ass with marker on and someone’s wife in a vinyl glove holding a writing pen. By “may be” we mean “are”.

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  1. DADeL says:

    Which is wittier, the story or the tattoo?